Over the last year, I have developed a LOVE for Yoga. When I first started going, it was just to get away from the house, something fun to do with friends. Over the last few months specifically, I have gained a passion and found a freedom in it. I am still learning, and what I know is only from my own experiences and listening to my teacher. I’m using yoga as an example for the bigger picture.

Earlier this week, I had an experience where I felt fear and I wanted to run away from it. (This is how I used to deal with feelings, I ran. But today I choose not to run, rather walk through those emotions, even if they are uncomfortable.)  My fear then was: Fearing that I would backslide if I allowed myself to feel what was coming up in that moment, which was not having my voice heard. Shortly after, I then had a conversation with a friend on a different subject and somehow I came to the conclusion: “Maybe it’s just time to quit Yoga for now.” I was so quick to let that become my answer to how I would deal with my fear. Again- I would run. Once I realized this, I talked to my Yoga teacher about it. After a few different conversations and being able to realize what was really going on with-in me, he left me with a simple piece of guidance. He said “You have had time to reset and breathe, now it’s time to get back into the pose.” My interpretation: Get back on the mat. You can choose to look at this phrase in whatever way helps you connect to it most. Essentially, when we fall down, we have three choices. One: stay down, Two: pretend it never happened (denial, not taking accountability, ignoring..) or Three: we can choose to get back up. That power always lies in our hands.

How many times in life have we fallen down? Whether it is making a mistake, beating ourselves up, giving up, self sabotaging, and even at times, being brought down by the hand of another. Everyone has experienced falling down, it’s a part of life. But what can we learn from it? How can we use it to empower us, to help us grow?

No matter what life throws at us, we always at some point or another have a choice to get back up, to use it to our advantage. For some of us it may take years. For me personally, It took me many, many years to reach a point where not only did I finally want to stand back up, but I wanted to live. I wanted to thrive. It takes what it takes and there is no right or wrong in it. I truly believe that when we are ready, the change naturally begins to take place and the next thing we know, we are looking back on the last few months and seeing how far we have really come.

It’s okay to fall down. It makes us human. So often we believe that if we fall down and especially if others witness it, it makes us weak. It makes us failures. This is what our society is telling us- but is it truth? Only you can decide that for yourselves. For me, these experiences are usually not so pleasant, but boy do I learn. How many times have those who are successful today, failed? How many times did Thomas Edison fail at making the light bulb before he finally succeeded? Each time, he got back up and because he never gave up, we now have light in our homes.

Don’t give up because you fell down. It does not make you a failure. This life is full of ups and downs, but you have the power to make it into a triumph. When life gets hard, when it knocks you down hard just remember- take a breath, reset and when you’re ready, Get back on the Mat!


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